James Neeley is a freelance photographer and educator. Specializing in landscape, nature, and architectural photography his work has been recognized and published locally, nationally, and internationally. James loves to teach. He has conducted photographic workshops throughout the western United States with Mountain High Workshops and Perfect Light Camera. He also teaches HDR and Photoshop courses.

Photography has been a love of James' for 40 years. With an eye for form and composition, and a passion for stunning landscapes, James loves to capture an alluring scene and is fulfilled when he can teach others the processes and techniques to produce amazing images of this beautiful world in which we live. HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography as well as other new technologies have invigorated his goal of capturing in an image, the beauty and feeling in a scene for those who view his work. These new techniques allow for "form and beauty come together with detail, color, lighting, and contrast in a dramatic way."

A retired Radiologist, James has examined hundreds of thousands of medical images over his career. This work has helped him develop a critical eye for patterns and detail that informs his view of his surroundings in an artistic search for the perfect picture. We hope you enjoy his work.

Images are available for print and licensing. Contact James Neeley.